Anna Zucker

 “From my home to yours, a huge thank you! Phoenix Movers Now made my move go seamlessly perfect and with the low rate I was charged, nothing else could have made this move better than it was. I never thought making a move into a smaller place could be taken care of so easily but this company not only helped pack and move everything, but they got my unneeded items placed into the storage room quickly as well.”

Anna ZuckerMay, 2016
Ibrahim Basheer

“When I had to schedule moving services to get everything moved from my house into the new retirement condo in Oklahoma where my daughter and her family live, I was a little apprehensive about trusting strangers with my things. Phoenix Movers Now surprised me with the level of care they displayed when they showed up to help me get everything packed and moved in at the new location. One of the movers even knew a lot about polka, which is surprising, and just happens to be my favorite musical choice. I am beyond happy with the level of professionalism displayed during the move and I will recommend this great company to others that need to find a decent moving service.”

Ibrahim BasheerNov, 2016
Rachel Emory

“Moving from my parent’s house to my own apartment this fall was easy to do since I called Phoenix Movers Now. They had a crew come out and get everything loaded fast and even put everything in the right rooms when they got it to the apartment. My dad, who has a bad back was happy that he didn’t have to lift any of the heavy furniture I have since the moving crew did it all. I was happy that the price was just right and I paid less than I expected to pay for full service movers. Thanks for the outstanding moving services!”

Rachel EmoryOct, 2016
Frank Sutphin

“I never expected my move to go so smoothly! Thanks for the hard work and for getting my family moved into our new home so fast. We expected more down time and Phoenix Movers Now surprised us with extremely fast service. I also appreciate the low rate we were charged for the move and will definitely call again when, and if, we need to move anything else.”

Frank SutphinNov, 2016