Steps to Take Before a Long Distance Move


There are numerous steps that can be taken before a long distance move to make things go smoother. When it comes to getting your items from one place to the next, it is strongly recommended that you call a moving company to assist you with moving the items from the old place to the new one. Here are some things you should do to prepare for the big move.

Call a Mover

Calling a mover should be first. Not only do you want to reduce the stress that you’re under from the move, but you do not want to call on friends and family to come help. Compare a few different moving companies before hiring one. You want to speak with them, find out how much it will cost and how long it would take for them to move all of your belongings for you.

Sort Through and Organize Your Things

When you sort and organize you will feel more confident about the move. You can donate the items you do not want to bring with you, throw out any garbage that you find and pack with ease since there is less to put into boxes. Being as organized as possible is key for a smoother move.

Getting Packed

You will have to pack all of your items. A few tips to keep in mind while packing is to clearly label the boxes. Not only is this beneficial for you, but also for the moving company that you’re hiring for the job. Another tip is to pack breakable items inside your blankets and towels. All of these items will have to go with you to the new place, but now you’re able to save some cash on packing materials. 

Have a smoother move with some tips and tricks, as well as going through these steps. Moving should be an exciting time for everyone involved. 

Tips for Keeping Small Children Entertained During a Move

Family unpacking boxes in new home smiling

Children need to be entertained most of the time. When it comes to the move that you’re about to do, you might be dreading it. Choose to move forward with your move, without having children at your feet. By using these tips, you can ensure that everyone has a much smoother time moving from one home to the next.

  1. Pack a child bag full of activities for them to do. This can be a great way to keep them entertained and out of the items you’re packing. Put things in it such as coloring supplies, books to read, electronics to play with and small toys. A lot of people choose to put drinks and snacks in the bag, as well.


  1. Ask someone you know to watch your children while you do the move. This is probably one of the best ways to keep them out of the way during the move, but sometimes it is not possible for everyone.


  1. Give them small jobs to do, so that they feel like they’re being helpful. Small children love to help and with them working on a smaller project that is age appropriate, you can get some of the bigger tasks done.


  1. Hire movers, so you can skip the step of having to put the items on the truck and take them off. This gives you more time to focus on their needs, and not the moving aspects that come from going from one home to the next.


  1. Let them play outside where you can see them. This promotes healthy activity, while also keeping them busy. This is always recommended, even when not moving items. If you’re at the old home, you can have them play with old friends or at the new home, they can make new friends.



Keeping children entertained can be a tough task to accomplish, however, being creative about how you go about it can make all the difference.


Be sure to contact Phoenix Movers Now for all of your moving services when it is time to get things packed, loaded and on the go to the new house.

Getting Your Childs Car Home for the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of excitement and stress if you’re the parent of a college student. It can be challenging if you don’t plan ahead. Your agenda and their agenda may not quite match up. You may have expectations of spending all your time together catching up and having lots of family time, while they may need a little space to reconnect with old friends and sleep. If your child comes home and sleeps half the day for the first few days don’t take it personally. They’ve been studying hard, adjusting to college life, and just survived grueling final exams. They’re tired! Sleeping in their own bed without having to study or get up for class is a luxury. Let them sleep.

Unless your child is attending a local college, the question of how they’re going to get home comes into play. This is likely their first extended visit home, or at least the first one in a while. Don’t start it off by being stressed out about them being on the road. Weather conditions can be iffy this time of year, and by contacting a professional auto transport company and letting them do the driving, this is one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Shipping your college student’s car is a safer way to get it home. They’re likely exhausted from final exams and the last thing they want to do is get in the car and drive hundreds of miles. Give them and yourself the peace of mind of knowing they don’t have to get behind the wheel. This will allow them some time to decompress. It also makes things easier on both of you while they’re home since you won’t have to worry about who’s driving them here or there. They developed some independence and could go where they wanted when they wanted since they’ve been away. Having their car at home helps them retain a sense of freedom, which will make for a smoother transition from college life back to home life.
Just remember, you have looked forward to this since the day your child left for college. Enjoy the time you have together during the holidays.